partial client portfolio & campaign highlights

partial client portfolio | campaign highlights

We could never name all of our projects & clients over the years, but here are a handful our's team's most memorable ones

Mtv’s Inaugural Miami Video Music Awards, Mtv / Mtv2 Networks                             

Formula50 by 50 Cent, vitaminwater|glaceau

Scarface: Anniversary DVD edition release, Universal

TW Steel watches (USA)

Miami Fashion Week/CityStyle, Sobol Fashion Productions

Respect M.E. by Missy Elliot product launch, Adidas

IndyCar champion, race car driverTony Kanaan, Andretti Green Racing

Introducing the NFLL’s first ever live DJ, DJ Entice

Crave cologne product launch, Calvin Klein

Lifestyle Sneaker Collection(s), since 2002, Reebok

G6 Sneaker by G Unit & 50 Cent, Reebok / RBK Footwear

X-Box game console release, Best Buy

vitaminenergy launch, Vitamin Water / Glaceau

Scarface: The World is Yours video game [XBOX] & Collector's Edition [PS2], Sierra

P. Diddy’s “Vote or Die” campaign, Citizen Change

Kojak movie mini-series starring Ving Rhames, USA Networks

Kids Choice Awards, Nickelodeon

Barbershop franchise theatre releases, MGM

The Brave One starring Jodie Foster theatre release, Rogue Pictures

Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron, Paramount Pictures

Honey starring Jessica Alba, Universal Pictures

Hip-Hop Honors, VH1

Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry, HBO

50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin theatre release, Violator Management

ADAN (All Day All Night) clothing line launch, Adidas

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